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Are you ready to take your campus to the next level?  Visit our Professional Development page to learn how you can support your teachers and staff.  Mary is a DISC Certified Human Behavior Consultant AND Ziglar Legacy Certified Trainer, Speaker, and Coach as well as being trained as a coach through ASCD. We offer elementary science teacher training to give your teachers the distinct advantage of being the master of their craft!



We offer supplemental elementary science materials, done for your lesson plans, our ever popular I Like Because pads and more on our shop page.  If you want to increase student achievement in science, look no further!  We have our Texas 5th Grade Science Study Guide, Texas 4th Grade Science Study Guide and our Texas 5th Grade STAAR Prep Guide!  These resources give your students the tools they need to become our next generation of great thinking scientists!

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Personalized Professional Development

What We Do

Educational Leadership Consultants offers ONLY Nationally Certified Trainers. 

Staff Development 

"Wow! What a privilege it was to hear Mary Smith present to CFISD for staff development. She mixes inspiration, knowledge, humor, passion, leadership and professionalism in her presentation. She reminds you that YOU CAN HAVE IT ALL!"

Dana, Teacher, Houston, Texas


"Knowing how valuable your time is,  this seasoned educator is here to tell you THIS LADY IS WORTH IT! Experienced, entertaining but most importantly, APPLICABLE. Whatever Mary gives you can be used not only in your professional life but personal as well! You have to experience it for yourself. Don't lose an opportunity to find a different direction to grow!" 

Stephanie B., 5th Grade Self-Contained, Houston, TX

Teacher Resources

Teacher Resources

Teacher Resources

"I have had the opportunity to use the Texas 5th Grade Science Study Guide for our STAAR review this year. It has worked great with my students. We started 3 weeks before the STAAR using a TEK at a time and then I would pull several hands on activities to go with it. The students said that it really helped them to remember what they had learned earlier in the year. The vocabulary was great and was used to make sure we covered all the terms they would need on the STAAR. Having everything together in one book made it so much easier, so nothing was left out while reviewing. I would recommend this booklet for every 5th grade Science Teacher."


Gail, 5th Grade Teacher, Madisonville, Texas

Teacher Resources

"The foundation stones for a balanced success are honesty, character, integrity, faith, love and loyalty." ~Zig Ziglar
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