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Personal Coaching:


If you are ready to take your career or your campus to the next level, ELC's coaching services are exactly the catalyst to take you there.


Mary Smith is a Ziglar Legacy Certified Coach that specializes in helping people bridge the gap from where they are to where they want to be. Have you ever considered what your live would be like if you put behind your fears and/or obstacles with a process that helped you to move forward in your career or toward your dream?

Elementary Science Instructional Coaching:

You already have a great staff of science teachers or they wouldn't be there. They are paddling as fast as they can without the expected results and you can't quite identify why you aren't seeing the growth everyone expects. 

That's where Educational Leadership Consultants comes in. We work with your teachers to look at everything from attitudes and expectations to the lesson planning process and implementation. Have you thought about how great it will feel for you and your teachers when you see huge growth in student achievement?

Call today to schedule a free 30 minute consult. 281-793-3944

"My colleagues and I have been getting 'coached' by Mary Smith for a year now. We have grown so much! She offers strategies and techniques that are easy to implement and our student achievement is at 96% with the distinguished designation in science! Thanks Mary for all you've done to help us and our students!"

Happy Science Teachers, Houston, TX 

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