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Educational Leadership Consultants was founded by Mary Smith, a Ziglar Legacy Certified trainer, coach and leadership development expert.  She has 28 years as an educator, 8 of which were in developing and teaching staff development, curriculum writing and coaching/mentoring teachers.  Mary was a ROPES facilitator for 10 years, and has experience building teams that are successful through collaboration. 


Mary is an active member of TRTA and Cy-FARE TRTA.  She is personable, fun, relatable and her passion shows in her presentations. Mary has owned several businesses which has allowed her to attain vast knowledge and experience for her true passion of training and development.  She enjoys educating and inspiring great leadership success. She will educate, lead and connect you and your organization to achieve in ways you never thought possible. She truly loves her work!

Mary has presented at educational conferences locally, regionally, and nationally. She is deeply involved in presenting staff development to teachers and administrators throughout the state of Texas.  She conducts training for teachers, administrators, counselors and superintendents offering Texas Education Agency (TEA) Approved Continuing Professional Education (CPE) credit.


Mary, a native Texan, was raised in Houston, TX and graduated with a BS from The University of West Florida.  She still resides in Houston, is married with two children and 8 grandchildren.

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Staff Development 

"I enjoyed Mrs. Smith's class so much that I immediately implemented her lesson suggestions!  The content is relevant, informative and useful. Bonus-She is funny, genuine and authentic."

Amanda L., Science Lab Teacher San Antonio, TX


"Humor and wisdom make for a powerful combination and this describes Mary Smith to a T. I’ve known Mary for 13 years. She once gave me a piece of advice that I carry with me to this day. Teachers face a number of challenges that can be draining. Couple that with life’s challenges, and, well, sometimes teachers need a “personal trainer” – like Mary! Don’t pass up the opportunity to listen to Mary’s words of wisdom, and, of course, humor!"

Lisa J., Special Education Teacher, Houston, TX 

Teacher Resources

"The Texas 5th Grade Science Study Guide and the Texas 5th Grade Science STAAR Prep Guide have both been lifesavers for me! The Study Guide has saved me so much time because my students highlight what we are learning and their parents can keep up with what we are covering in class! The STAAR Prep Guide is even better! STAAR formatted questions for every 5th grade TEK and some 3rd and 4th grade TEKS already done for me! Touchdown!"

Susan M., 5th Grade Science/ Math, Dallas, TX

Teacher Resources

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