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Mary Smith was born to speak! 


Mary is a dynamic, motivating and inspiring speaker who has a heart for educators. With over 30 years working in public schools, she has the expertise and the experiences to speak their language.

"One skill that I learned was to change my mindset and the rest will follow. The goal that I have is to gain more confidence in my abilities!​" -Mari, Teacher, Houston, Texas

Speaking on a range of topics, she delivers a speech that will keep her audience entertained and engaged. She has taken "defining moments" from her life and turned them into funny inspirations to help everyone understand that the trials and tragedies we face today will give us strength and energy for tomorrow.


"I love how Mary presents! It is so touching! She needs to write a book!​" -Kim, Teacher, Houston, Texas

Mary is currently writing her 7th book that will motivate and inspire teachers using real life situations. Her goal is for educators to realize the positive impact they make on students and the difference they make in the classroom. See the shop page for information on her books. 

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Staff Development 

"I enjoyed Mrs. Smith's class so much that I immediately implemented her lesson suggestions!  The content is relevant, informative and useful. Bonus-She is funny, genuine and authentic."

Amanda L., Science Lab Teacher San Antonio, TX

Female Teacher

Staff Development 


"Humor and wisdom make for a powerful combination and this describes Mary Smith to a T. I’ve known Mary for 13 years. She once gave me a piece of advice that I carry with me to this day. Teachers face a number of challenges that can be draining. Couple that with life’s challenges, and, well, sometimes teachers need a “personal trainer” – like Mary! Don’t pass up the opportunity to listen to Mary’s words of wisdom, and, of course, humor!"

Lisa J., Special Education Teacher, Houston, TX 

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"The Texas 5th Grade Science Study Guide and the Texas 5th Grade Science STAAR Prep Guide have both been lifesavers for me! The Study Guide has saved me so much time because my students highlight what we are learning and their parents can keep up with what we are covering in class! The STAAR Prep Guide is even better! STAAR formatted questions for every 5th grade TEK and some 3rd and 4th grade TEKS already done for me! Touchdown!"

Susan M., 5th Grade Science/ Math, Dallas, TX

Teacher Resources

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