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Educational Leadership Consultants only works with educators. You won’t find our messages polluted, watered down or geared to corporate. We are a team of educators and certified trainers with many years’ experience in the public school system.


Our coaches and consultants have all had years of experience serving in leadership roles such as counselors, principals, coordinators, directors, associate superintendents and superintendents. You will not find a more knowledgeable and caring group of educators.


Our nationally certified trainers have honed their messages to the education system. They have spent countless hours researching the needs of educators and how to solve the unique challenges only educators understand. Each program offered has been modified and engineered to address your needs like no other program. 


We offer our own proprietary programs that have been designed to meet the needs of your campus as well as programs offered through these thought leaders:


Jack Canfield

John Maxwell

Strengthsfinder 2.0

Zig Ziglar


ELC specializes in Personalized Professional Development. We can create the professional development program you desire. Need to build your people and their leadership? We can combine the Ziglar and Maxwell training to give you 1 or more days of customized programs.


Give us a call and tell us your needs. We are here to listen and respond to your needs. Our goal is to support you and your district with unparalleled customer service and quality professional development that only an experienced educator can provide.

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