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Educational Leadership Consultants knows you have a strong desire to be the most inspiring and compassionate leader you can be. Not only is student achievement your number one priority, but you put your teachers and staff second. Where does this leave you?


You know you need to develop your staff. Are you taking the time to develop yourself? Are you continually sharpening your leadership skills? If you desire to go from stability to success to significance, you need to invest in yourself to become the leader you are destined to become. This is your chance to make an impact.


ELC has gathered together programs from the masters of leadership and personal and professional development. Many of our classes are TEA approved CPE certified classes for the counselor, principal, and superintendent certified educators.


We are currently offering the following CPE credit classes for your growth and personal development:


Zombies in the Workplace*

Generations Impossible!

Difficult Conversations Made Easy

How Not to Hire Crazy

Transformational Leadership

Building A Better You*

Building Winning Relationships*

Goal Setting and Achievement*

Live To Win*

Your leadership skills are an essential part of running your campus. Once you hone your leadership skills, everything else falls in to place and you can begin to live a more balanced, fulfilling lifestyle.

Zig Ziglar, John Maxwell, Strengthsfinder, Jack Canfield


*These classes are Ziglar Legacy Certified Classes crafted by the world-renowned Ziglar Corporation. Zig Ziglar, author of 33 books and motivational speaker, positively affected an estimated 250 million people world-wide with his messages of hope.

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